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Just passed A+hardware. Wasnt what i expected. Im glad i read all the books, learnt a lot. although in this test i found the books kind of useless. Maybe having experience with computers would help, only had 3weeks to learn within my course. Had a couple of network/printers/cabling questions . apart from that id say 70% of this test was helpdesk related / scenarios. but hey a pass is a pass. My score was **** 550 heh. i hope my future employees dont get to see the scores. The only way to get better is to have hands on. flag books and that.


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    tangy wrote:
    J.. My score was **** 550 heh. i hope my future employees dont get to see the scores.


    A pass is a pass. And just like no one puts their GPA on a resume, I've never heard of someone asking about scores on exams. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen, I've never met anyone who has been asked and I've not been asked myself.
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    well done
    Try til it hurts then try some more
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Hi, congrats, can you explan what you mean, help desk related questions, 70 percent.

    It would seem a waste of time, if Mike Meyers, and all of the othe
    many companies, including Comptia who say that the test questions
    will reflect the A PLUS OBJECTIVES, go to the effort to put out all
    these books cbt', etc, and then the test has nothing to do with
    the objectives. Rick
    Richard Krenzel
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    I would imagine by 'helpdesk questions', he probably means questions like, "If X & Y were to happen you would...A, B, C or D"
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    Having taken 3 CompTIA exams since July, I can also say that there are several customer service-type questions on the test, this may be what he was alluding to as well. These types of questions are based on common sense and/or real-world experience, and are not going to be covered very deeply in any book.
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