New to Security... Help reqd from Sec Pro's

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Hey Guys

Need a help from all you pros out there , i am really very much interested in pursuing My career in information and network security , first of all i would like to share a little background I am a CCNA and currently working as a network support in an ISP and working towards my CCNP and on verge of completing the same .

But i am really interseted in pursuing my career in Security but as i am completely new to the field. i am not aware about any certifications available plz help me out how can i start working towards my goals

Help required is

1) Which certifications should i start with and the subsequent certifications that i have to follow to be the master or hw should i start my career

2) Which book I start with to pursue these certifications , also to enhance my knowledge

So waiting for the Big pro's of te field to help me out a fresher in the field



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    Hey linkadmin,

    So much to many certs....

    For starters you could check out CompTia's Security+ and go further into security with Cisco's CCSP which are 5 exams total compared to the 4 exams that you are taking for the CCNP. If you want to go into management later on ISC2 SSCP and CISSP are the way to go....CCIE in Security maybe down the road.....

    There is so many choices it just depends on what exactly you want to specialize in.

    Keatron is guy to talk to....he is the Security GURU of also a good person to talk to is Mikej412.....

    Hope this helps.....

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    I agree that starting with Sec+ will give you a good base from which to begin. As mentioned, if you like the Cisco track you can continue down that road with their security related certifications.

    There are also numerous GIAC certifications that specialize in different areas of security. The CISSP is the grand daddy of security certs right now, but it is not a "hands-on" technical cert so much as a policy/guidance cert that is meant for IT Security Managers and such. For more technical stuff the GIAC, Cisco, and vendor-specific certs like Microsoft ISA or Checkpoint are good.
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    The Security+ is the best entry-level security cert, but where you go from there will depend on what interests you (or what your employer wants you to do.) Information security covers many areas, most of which are not computer-related. While you study for the Security+, you'll also need to be thinking about where you'll go from there.

    From a certification point of view, you'll find that there are two categories of security certifications: general and specialty. The specialty security certs cover a specific type of security topic or technology, and are often vendor specific. These include security certs for firewalls, forensics, wireless networking, penetration testing, and security auditing and management. General security certs cover the entire broad scope of information security without regards to specific vendors or technologies. These cert include Security+, SSCP, CISSP, and GIAC.

    Another way to get started in information security is by attending training or college classes. Many colleges offer information security(ish) classes, often based around a specific IT certification. Most training centers have these types of classes too, but they are often much more expensive than those at the local university. For your security studies you can also go for a full college degree, such as a BSIT with an emphasis in security, or a Masters in Information Security (Assurance). If you one day wish to rise in the ranks of security management, you'll find that getting a Master in Business Administration (MBA) will be a tremendous help too.
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