Passed MPLS

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Got 926, that completes my CCIP thank God!
No more exams for me for a while, i'm just going to revise and do more lab work on ccnp/ccip material.The exam was tough but not as tough as the bgp.I did face the most difficult sim to date,lots to do without a complete topology view.15 questions down i already had 1 sim and 2 testlets,45 mins left on the clock with 35 questions to come!! This had me a little paniced and i had a little race on my hands which is disapointing as i couldnt spend the time on the questions that was needed.
Second Sim came with about 10 questions left, i knew the problem as soon as i saw the question but i just ran through afew show commands just incase they were needed to score points.Anyway i finished with 10mins on the clock so i wish the question arrangement was better laid out.
Materials i used, i think i used practically everything on the ccie sp track,but only reading the parts which were relavent to the ccip blueprint.Sybex is a complete waste of time so dont bother.
Enjoyable exam to study except for having to look at Cisco's points of view regarding RT assignments etc.Also i found it difficult to grasp the mpls concepts due to the layout of all the books.It crazy really, they go from simple mpls concepts to VPNs and then to TE.My advice is to do TE second and VPN stuff last.
Thats me done and i dont think you will see a passing thread from me for a while, unless i get motivated and do CWNA but for now i dont think so.
Networking, sometimes i love it, mostly i hate it.Its all about the $$$$


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