Passed 290 with 866

Ye Gum NokiYe Gum Noki Member Posts: 115
I dropped a little 866 on that bad boy. :o I was very surprised to score that well, because the experience was a night mare.

I got to the testing center (Prometric ) at 4:30 right on time. Well they had my registration number wrong and it took them til 5:45 to get it straight. I was furious, but I had taken off work and driven 75 miles and I needed to take the damn thing, so I hung around. icon_evil.gif GRRRRRRRRR.

I had 45 questions, FIVE of which were sims. Four were pretty straigt forward, but the fifth one was a bear and I don't know if I was just tired or what, but I could NOT figure it out, so I guessed as best I could. I had a lot of Terminal services and backup/restore shadow copy questions and since I have some solid work experience with the Terminal services
and had gone over the backup stuff quite a bit I think that must have really helped my score.

ALSO contrary to what a lot of folks have been saying I had two questions on WSUS. icon_eek.gif They weren't hard and could have applied to SUS. But, you may want to brush up on that too.

I am using MS 2003 MCSE training kit and exam cram and have experience administrating a medium size 2003 domain.

On to the beast!

Good luck my friends,

Mr. Ye
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