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Hi I'm now on my 70-284 studies, to be a MCSA Messaging, I need to learn and pass this one, my only question is that in the EVS topic, i am not familiar with cluster administrator, do i first need to study clustering, because here in our company, we just have 1 exchange server and our database clustering is handled by subcontractor? can i study EVS cause i want to implement that also...thanks


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    I think this can't be done.
    Unless you have some fancy hardware...
    There where some previous posts about installing it on ms virtual server.
    But I checked it just to be sure and this is what I found.
    (When I was studying for this exam I didn't do this part in a lab.)

    Microsoft supports Exchange Server 2003 running on hardware virtualization software (virtual machines) only when all the following conditions are true:
    • The hardware virtualization operating system is Virtual Server 2005 R2 or a later version.
    • The version of Exchange Server that is running on the virtual machine is Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) or a later version.
    • The Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 Virtual Machine Additions are installed on the guest operating system.
    • Exchange Server 2003 is configured as a stand-alone server, not as part of a Windows cluster. • The SCSI driver that is installed on the guest operating system is the Microsoft Virtual Machine PCI SCSI Controller driver.
    • The virtual hard disk Undo feature is not enabled.

    Taken from :
    Someone please correct me if i'm wrong...

    Kind regards.
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    HEY BUD i found this pdf document on vmware and building a
    cluster servers looks promising to and it is from MVP.

    i have the same issues; i cant afford 4000.00 for Enterprise Edition.

    good luck....


    PS. Looks like you can cluster with this without enterprise exhange?
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    Nice link thanks!!
    PS. Looks like you can cluster with this without enterprise exhange?

    Fraid not!

    Check out the operating system version and exchange edition requirements.
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    thanks for the links.......i am now in messaging security topic...
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    i think you can cluster windows 2003 servers in the VMWARE.
    but yeah you are right Exchange nees to be Exhchange Enterpirse Edition 2003 i agree but since i guess it is the database sync that is needed here on the external share but the pdf is cool atleaset it can give us an idea.

    I try to help sometimes i get busy maybetoo busy but whatever i can do to help us nerds out (respectively) hahaa
    i like your avatar way cool!
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