Passed A+... want to thank the crew.

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Hi all,

I've been kind of lurking around here since I started studying for the exam, and just wanted to say thanks to all the regular posters who, one way or another, answered all of my questions. (Seems like we who are taking the exams always want to know the same things!) Anyway, I passed both A+ a call back for a job the next day! Unfortunately, I'm still in college so I can only work part time... the job hunt continues...

Thanks to All!

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    Congratulations, and welcome to the club. Don't forget to update your profile. What's next on the cert-hit-parade?

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    Congrats! Wish I could say the same for myself but unfortunately I can't seem to find what exactly my problem is. I have taken the OS exam twice and still can not pass it. Now I must wait 30 days to take it once more and see how I do then. Although I do have a question for anyone to respond if they have an answer. Will the A+ Hardware and OS still be available for testing purposes and certification with the new exams?? I have studied atleast 2 different study guides and read from 2 different books from Mike Meyer and have tried many practice tests, anyone have any advice what I am doing wrong and what I may be missing?? Thanks, would appreciate any advice!!
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    Kick arse!!!! icon_thumright.gif

    Don't forget to update your profile, and list your methods of studying (books and practice exams)

    Congrats as well on the job offer. You'll find that they start coming more and more as you further your education.
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    I don't know what's next... I think I can narrow it down to Network+, Security+, or Linux+... possibly MCSA? When it comes down to it I really don't know which of these will benefit me the most.

    I'm studying computer science, so I figure knowing the Linux couldn't hurt to know, but which are the most marketable?

    Thanks for any input!

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    I'd try and find certs that align with the material taught in whatever IT classes you're taking. It's like a three for one deal: you gain the knowledge, you gain college credit and you gain a cert!

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