Mike Meyers Practice Test

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How close are these to the real A+ tests? Can you pass by taking these?



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    I found the myers tests too easy compared to the real thing, try the tests on this site as an alternative. There are several other online testing sites.
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    Mike myers ones I have were pretty close to the ones on my exam I failed. Luckly the Hardware was easy. Now on to the OS.

  • wwpranmawwpranma Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 116
    Heh, I think the more variance of tests you take the better prepared you'll feel for the exam as is. I was freaking out about the tests thinking that they would be gone after dec. 31, but I got the hook up in disguise and am now blessed enough to know that even if I fail once, I'll be able to retake again.

    I honestly think that if you fail the first time it shouldn't stop you from going again. You just gotta keep trying and never give up.
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  • Orion82698Orion82698 Member Posts: 483
    I used Myers for my 2003 A+ exam. I found his stuff most usful. This was also before I knew about Transcenders and others test sites, so I was really his book and what I learned from working on computers that helped me.

    Good luck.
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