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Hi Techs ,
at the 11.01.07 my 220-301 examinations passed. My preparation set has been : A+ ( Jean Andrews ), SuperBible PC hardware ( Scott Mueller ) of Learnkey Mike Mayers video course ( 8 cd ), and Practice Exams of Preplogic ( A+ ). I prepared myself for examinations almost 2 months and learned on day ca 4-8 h , there I must say that I since 6 years already with personal computer occupies.
Following ask from 80 :
Laser printer (8-10) configuration (10-12) diagnosis (15-17) Security (2) net (5-7) support facility user (5-7) installation hardware (10-15) Matrix/Injekt printer (4-5) monitor video card (3-4) mouse keyboard (2) postal address IRQ/I/O (4-7) CPU (2-3)

I found the questions boring about Laser printer.

I wish further candidates a lot of luck and courage



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    I swear, everyone swears by Prep Logic. I use it too, and I'm not complaining, seeing as how I have yet to take the test. But it almost feels like they just keep giving me a lot of the same questions on that thing. My biggest fear is that I'm going to become to relyant on the questions I see on all the prep tests I'm taking and it'll brainwash me into forgetting the other stuff i studied long and hard to remember. In your honest opinion, how much did preplogic help you in preparing for the test?
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    Hm, in fact not a lot, there the questions were not identical at the Preplogic defined and me served to simulate the examinations in fact more situation., (the Identical comb it to maybe 3-5 questions were, however, more not, a lot resembled).
    Hardware world is very extensive and one needs a lot of time there in order to understand the Things correctly no certificate or Preplogic helps or to learn it only diligence, interest, practice experience, and live with matter.

    P.S I can recommend the books of Scott Mueller and Jean Andrews to everyone urgently in fact because learning must not end above hardware with certificate.
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    Congrats!!! icon_thumright.gif
    WIP Vacation ;-)

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