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Hello. I am new to these forums, been lurking for a day or so. Very nice site, TONS of useful info.

I am currently studying A+ on my own, while at home and at work. I am using, from CompTia Press, CompTia A+ in Depth, written by Jean Andrews. I understand that this is not the best way to learn but due to time constraints I am currently unable to attend any kind of classes. I am looking at doing some on-line A+ courses thru a local comm college in the very near future. Has anyone had experience with this publication? Also, can anyone advise the best way to study since I am currently being "self-taught"? And are their any areas in which I should concentrate harder?

Unfortunately, I am using 2003 standards (Christmas present). Hopefully, with 2003 standards and lots of internet searching and bugging friends, I will be able to pass new 2006 standards.

Again, great site.


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    Keep in mind, you can take the 2003 tests up until July of this year. As for how to study, I'd suggest getting as much hands-on experience with computer hardware and peripherals, as well as doing as much of the software configuration and troubleshooting that you find in your books. With the book, working with a computer or two that you can pick through, as well as notes and questions on sites like this one, you should be able to pass those exams with no problem. Just make sure you're familiar with all the topics outlined on CompTIA's site, for A+, and don't be afraid to ask questions when you're confused or you're stuck on something.

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    You shouldn't need classes for A+. Home study should do fine, especially if you are the type of person that likes tinkering around with PCs and have various bits and pieces of pc equipment lying around, but you have to stick at it and keep studying each night and on weekends. Especially when you get to something you don't quite understand, it is very easy to go do something else that needs doing, but that is where you have to knuckle down and push through until you do understand it. That is the trick to all these certs we do.

    Use the A+ forum and technotes on this site and remember you can find amazing amounts of information related to your study through Google.

    Even though your book is 2003, it will cover a lot of the theory even if the syllabus has been updated since then. There are lots of places to find information on what your book may be lacking.

    Good luck and stick with it.
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    I used Mike Myers books for my A+, no classes...I would also recco that if you're not planning to take the exams by the deadline in July, that you upgrade to a book that covers the new objectives....
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    Kaminsky wrote:
    You shouldn't need classes for A+.
    CompTIA has perhaps the easiest set of certification exams that you will ever take. Self-study for any CompTIA exam is therefore very possible and reasonable. However, if your local community college offers A+ (Network+, Security+, etc) classes, I recommend that you invest the time and (little) money to get some experiences in a hands-on lab environment, and to network with other people who are studying for and have already passed the A+.
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    Same situation, but with technical training. I have not gotten my A+, but am ready.

    Study with friends is the best way to study. Join a group, then hit the books. Check up with the objectives, then take practice tests. Pass the practice tests, then study for trhe real tests. The A+ is a good foundation for further study.
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    Thanks for the info.
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