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I need to find a site/book where I can get some much-needed practice with custom subnetting. I'm only in class C right now, and the teacher is gives us either the number of hosts needed or the number of networks needed, along with the IP, and we have to find out the rest. I"ve been to "" and it's ok, but I would actually prefer a different site or some kind of workbook. Any help would be great. Thanks.


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    forbesl wrote:

    I've been to this site, but I'm looking elsewhere. I'm not too fond of it, and if a book or workbook is available somewhere, that's what I'm really looking for.
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    Not so much a workbook, but if you have $50 pick up the Sybex CCNA Study Guide (5th ed) by Todd Lammle. Many people have commented that he really explains subnetting well.
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    Mike beat me to the link for subnetting questions but also look at the technotes on this forum. Remember, working in binary gets it stuck in your brain
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    Kaminsky wrote:
    Remember, working in binary gets it stuck in your brain

    and remember also:
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