How long did you study for Linux+

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I am planing to study for Linux+. I have little exp with Microsoft (windows 2000 and 2003). I use ubuntu like a hobby every day but using only the GUI.

How long did you study to complete and pass Linux+ ?

How many books did you use to study?


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    I used the Sybex Book for Linux+ and TestOut. Prior to studying for this exam, I had minimal Linux/Unix experience., save for a little bit of playing around with SuSE in a networking class at school. All in all, it took me about three weeks, from start to finish, to prepare for and take the exam. I spent anywhere from an hour to four hours a day, three or four days a week, doing the TestOut and reading the book to reinforce the concepts I'd learned.

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    get off the GUI and get on the CLI. icon_cool.gif
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    Command line is good, GUI is evil. Install Linux and make it your OS of choice while you study. I have Debian installed on my AMD 64 laptop and I have never looked back to windoze. Only reason why I would learn windoze now is because its the major OS running in any enterprise enviroment.
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    Command line is good, GUI is evil.


    Definitely use Slackware or Debian if you want to learn at the CLI. Force yourself to stick with either distro for one month and I guarantee your skills and chances to pass the Linux+ test will greatly improve -- or so my theory goes :)
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    Yeah I use Debian on a daily basis

    I would say install a network installtion of this distribution manually setup your internet settings using the command line then use aptitude to install the packages you require.

    ( Good learning curve )

    What I then usually do is install XFCE ( lightweight gui ) and Iceweasel ( Firefox type browser )

    If you want to learn about running a DHCP,Apache, Bind, FTP or just want to delve a little deeper into the world of Linux Administration but do not wish to complicate things by using the CLI then go ahead and download a small package called webmin :)

    It's a web based interface for system administrators and it sure does make life easier !

    Ive just starting out learning how to run simple Bash Scripts I will probally take the Linux+ in the near future.
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