Problem with Mapping Drives

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I have a user account in active directory that is not being mapped to 3 network drives. I have checked the logon script and everything is fine there. The other accounts are working fine. I have ruled out it being a problem with the users machine. I do not have the users in a group however. I will probably do that to see if that works for all the accounts. What are some of the issue that you all have had with this situation.


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    What about creating a new account to rule out something on the local machine?
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    done that..
    The 3 network drives are working fine on all the other account and the logon script is the same for all 7 of the accounts.
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    Does the command prompt window for the login script stay up long enough for you to perhaps pause it and read any error messages? Does it even come up at all?

    How do you deploy your logon script? Via the netlogon share or via group policy?

    Can you map the drives manually for the user without a problem?

    Much more info is needed.
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