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Took the Security+ exam today and passed with an 830. It was pretty straightforward. 90 minutes, 100 questions, and some of questions were kind of off the wall and you really didn't know what they wanted. To me, it was a typical CompTIA exam where memorization of stuff could get you through it.

I used the MOC 2810: Fundamentals of Network Security course and book, Measure Up practice exam, and technotes/practice exams from this site. The exam objectives on the comptia site are extremely outdated in my opinion inc omparison to the material on the exam.

I had a lot of port numbers memorized from study and from Netowrk+, but I only got one question about port numbers. I received many on DAC,RBAC, and MAC. Many on encryption algorithms and how they work. I also got the simple questions about cold site, warm site and hot site, identifying the name of an attack, and incident response.

Overall, a good test other than a few obscure questions that you know could have easily been asked in a better way, and a few questions requiring the BEST answer amongst multiple right answers. If you use some common I.T. security sense and memorization of meanings and explanations, it isn't that bad.
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