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Alright, as you all know I am new to networking...

That being said I cleared out a router and configured the S0 to ip address and no shut command issued.

How come I can't ping that address from that router? Is there a locahost loopback i can use under Cisco?

Do I need a routing protocol running?

I shouldn't need all that to ping a router's own interface, should I?

thanks as always


  • Daniel333Daniel333 Posts: 2,077Member ■■■■■■□□□□
    Alright, so once I connect another router to it, and enable irgp on it, I can ping that host from in itself. So it would seem to me, a router has to have something plugged in and communicating for a interface to be able to ping... is this true of all Cisco routers? Is my assumption here wrong?
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    If I remember right, IP ROUTING needs to be turned on ( I believed this is now the default) and the interface needs to be UP and UP. You shouldn't need to have IGRP or any other routing protocol turned on to ping a local interface.

    If you create and enable a LOOPBACK interface, you should be able to ping it without being connected to another router.

    Hope this helps.
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