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Hi peeps,

As I am looking ahead, and reading some of the grumbling posts over the grueling amount of hardware needed for labs now in the CCNP for exams such as the ONT, can anyone recommend me a good online rack rental source? I have seen a few on the Internet, such as ****.com, but you never know. If anyone has a good recommended source, I would appreciate it.


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    I'm no expert or anything, but I'll put my .02 in...

    I've been renting racks only since the beginning of last month.

    1) So far, I've been happy with gigavelocity. JC is great (fixing an error at 1am Illinois time!). Oh, he's also slashed his prices by $10 bucks (except the 12 hour slots). This helps me with my shallow-pocket-syndrom.

    2) Just remember, **** has a 3% surcharge on international payments, including Paypal. I guess this is easily avoided if you have a USA-based/issued credit card.

    3) Racktimerentals is great, but I just can't focus enough for 11.5 hours. I gave them a try, but I looked at the clock more than I looked at my monitor. icon_lol.gif

    4) Netlabrentals is in the middle of moving, they seem pretty nice in their emails, but I haven't gotten a chance to give them a go. I will arrange a session as soon as they're done with the move.

    5) Proctor Labs (Ipexpert) is a rack I'd love to try, but alas, their pricing is a bit out of my league.

    6) Aces Star (Singapore) - Haven't tried them yet. I emailed them one time, and got SEVERAL replies. They're very courteous and on-the-ball when it comes to emailing. I'd like to try them, but it seems I just can't fit into their schedule.

    7) Internetwork Expert - I'd like to try them as well, but I'd better wait until I've got the endurance to sit for 11.5 hours. What I like about them though is their THOROUGHNESS regarding Cisco cert products.

    icon_cool.gif And saving the best for last ---- The forum's very own Darby Weaver. Though his rack won't be ready until April 8.

    And get this, his racks are FREE :D

    One free 4 hour slot per day. Understandably, he'll blacklist anyone that books time but doesn't use it.

    With all he's done for everyone here, I think his next certification is Sainthood.

    There are other rack sites, but above is what comes to mind right now.

    Sorry for being verbose. Just trying to give what I can.

    Hope it helps...
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    Wow, what a great post! Thanks for the information. I will look at the companies you posted. Darby Weaver huh? I have seen some of his postings on the forums, which are like reading a novel icon_eek.gif to some extent. But if the guy offers free rack rental time, then that rocks bigtime! :o
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    I seem to remember a long standing member Wildfire also has racks for rent or free. Last I heard the sire was down, but here is the link:
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    Wow, what a nice guy offering that rack. It may come in handy. Thanks for the link.
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