I take the test on monday

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Years of procastination and sweating bullets has lead me to this moment folks. I take the test, april 2nd, and I can only hope that I've brainwashed myself enough. I actually went out at the last minute and bought the exam cram 2 book. I had read the meyers book, but alot of the concepts he threw in their confused me. Mostly cause I have a hard time visualizing all the vocab involved. Anyways, that being said, I think that I have a good idea of what I'm looking for on this test. Everyone and their mom thinks I'm going to pass this test and I honestly hope I can too. I've read 3 different books, one of which I can't even recall at this point, and I've given all i can give. My only hope now is that things just tend to work out. Wish me luck.
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    Good Luck! icon_thumright.gif

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    it sounds to me like you have done plenty of studying for this, now have some confidence in yourself, go in there on monday and nail it!!!!!! good luck :D
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    Light review this weekend. Good rest night before you exam...at this point you either know it or you don't. Just relax :)
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    I agree with Plantwiz 100%. Your brain needs to relax before the exam. I always take it easy the day before an exam as well as 0 studying the day of the exam. Make sure you get good sleep, and have a healthy breakfast. Don't eat too much or your mind will be thinking about how full and uncomfortable you feel. Good luck!
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    Yeah. I kinda decided that even if I do fail the first time, it's gonna be alright, cause that will give me the best idea I could possibly have about the test question worded format. And plus, like was stated before hand on another post, it's gonna allow me to know what my weak points are and focus on those.
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