Hmmm, no remote desktop?

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Okay so i've been having a fairly odd issue with my home desktop PC. A few months ago i did a fresh, clean install. Remote desktop was installed and working fine before. After the reformat and reinstall, remote desktop is no where to be found. It won't install off the Cd also, so i'm not sure whats going on. I belive at somepoint i tried downloading it with no luck....

any ideas?
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    What version of Windows are you using? If it's not XP Pro (or Vista), I believe that RDP won't come on the disc.

    This is where you go to download it, if it's not available from Windows Update

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    Hm, thats odd, i thought i included that. Oh well. Its XP Pro SP2.
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    If you have installed the latest Remote Desktop Update/Version then it is just in a different location.

    Old Location: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop

    New Location: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop

    Or check here: C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe
  • Darthn3ssDarthn3ss Member Posts: 1,096
    bump... no remote desktop on any users start menu. no mstsc.exe file in system32, but the installer won't let me install claiming its installed with my os.
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    What does the command 'mstsc' do from command line?
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    You can always try the new updated client here. This should allow you to install even if Windows thinks there already is a client installed since this is a new 6.0 client that came out this year.
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