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After more than a year and a half looking for an IT job, I finally got one! I'll be a systems analyst at the local hospital. I live in a rural area so finding an IT job is extremely difficult. For those of you struggling to find that first job, just hang in there and be persistent. If you're in college, look for an internship to get the experience, whether it pays or not. Get your entry level certs too because they not only look good on a resume, but when I had to take an assessment test for a job that I didn't get (probably due to lack of experience) it consisted of 50 questions from the A+ and Net+ exams that I know I aced. Who knew that knowing IRQ's would come in handy again? icon_lol.gif

Now I'm excited to start back working towards an MCSA and as soon as I am there long enough for tuition reimbursement, I'm going back to get my bachelors degree.


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