Is this switch kit worth it?

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I need a switch to go with my two 2500 routers, and I came across this switch kit sold by Cisco through their webiste. It looks like it would suit my purposes - to get me through the CCNA and perhaps a little beyond. One plus is that it's brand new, vs. who-knows-what-I-would-get off eBay used. I would appreciate some input. It's fairly inexpensive at 29.99 with accessories (shipping is another 29.99). Below is the link.


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    Try to stay away from 1900's. The CLI is different and they are being phased out of the CCNA exam. Also you won't be able to grow much at all with them. You should be looking more at 2924's and 2950's for example. There's a reason the 1900 is so cheap.
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    That's NOT sold by Cisco through their website. That's from "", nothing to do with Cisco's website. Also, it's not brand new, I not sure how you got that impression. Ciscokits does not represent them that way (new that is). Try for a 2900 or 2950 series switch, preferable the 2950.

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    the thing with cisco kits is their amazingly highs shipping costs.. $30 to ship a 1912 switch? i sold some subwoofers a few months ago that weighed in at over 60lbs, insured with the signature thing for less than $30... hell.. i bought my rack mounts from them and was charged $18 for shipping... bah..
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    thts cool but don't jack me in the process :-p
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    I bought a 1900 switch off of eBay... Don't do it.
    Try to find a 25xx switch, it's worth the extra cost.
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    Hmm - thanks for the info. I guess I was lured by the low price. The switches even on eBay are pricey (for me anyway - I sell apples on the streetcorner to make ends meet).

    I saw this one on eBay. What do you all think about it as something to start with? I may make a bid.
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    I have 2 2912-XL-EN switches and they seem to be getting the job done. Some commands are different, but not many. Make sure it will load the latest IOS mentioned in the thread below before you buy (maybe ask the seller). If everything checks out, I don't see why you shouldn't bid. Just remember that you need at least two switches to do trunking, demonstrate STP, etc. The lights on these switches actually go amber as well when STP sets a port to blocking (unlike the 2950's).

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