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I want to share my adventure in getting a job in IT field. Its been a while when I post here of accepting a job in manufacturing or continue looking for other job specially in IT during that time I decided to accept the job even though I know I wouldn't gain any experience for IT which puts me in a disadvantage position in pursuing IT career but I couldn't resist the offer since I'll be working with a Big Multinational company the only thing in my mind is I could bid a position within the company if the time comes a need arises for IT Tech position and my instinct is right after 7 mos. of working with the company they posted a position for IT Technician I then apply for it got the interview and YESSSS I got the job.

Sometimes you wouldn't know when is the right time for you but one thing I can share is don't give up because before I got this I've been applying for the past 7 mos. in IT Field and got a lots of interview but still no luck the only advantage I got here is they posted the job within the company before they post it for outside applicants because they prioritize employee within the company for career advancement.[/b]


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    That's excellent, way to hang in there jet! :)
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    Great to hear and congratulations!
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    Yes! icon_thumright.gif

    Keep us up to date!
    i herd u leik mudkips lol
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    gratz dude!!
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    congrats. let us know how you get on
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    Awesome!! Good job!
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    Alright now its time to put the hood on. Don't forget your homies lol
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