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Hello everyone, my name is David. I just need some advice on getting certs.
Soon, I will graduate from community college with a Associate degree in Network Admin. I was wondering if I want to get a job in entry level and eventually move up from there. What would be good certs I should start with.




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    Hello David and a warm welcome.

    I would think that getting your A+ and Network+ certs would be a great start as they are entry level, also i would look into getting your CCNA,MCP and finally MCSA 2003 ( 70-270, 70-290, 70-291) and you can use your Comptia A+ and Network+ as elective's for your MCSA cert.

    I hope this help in a plan of attack to certification.


    Eamonn :D
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    The CompTIA Network+ and the Cisco CCNA are good for breaking into the networking field.... but the A+ Network+ and Microsoft MCP would open more general IT doors (yeah, like helpdesk and desktop support), which could lead to some networking opportunities down the road.
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    thanks for all the response so far. Really appreciate it . Anyways, this is what my tackle plan:

    1) over this coming summer break study for the Network+ exam

    Note: since the Network + objectives changed. Will the books and media I have on Network + 2005 objectives be useful anymore? to study from?

    2) After, I want to get the cert for Security + (since security is pretty hot field now)

    3) then I want to concentrate on CCNA

    Do you think this is a good plan so far?


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    any recommendations for books or media, websites on Network + I can use to study from?


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    Sounds like a good plan to me.

    As for Network+ study materials....

    I personally liked the latest Sybex book the best. I found this website to be a big help with it's notes and practice test.

    Other good sites to use for the Network+ are and

    Good luck!
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    The Network+ 2005 Objectives is the current test i believe check out the objectives form comptia's website they are pretty helpful for an outline of what to study.
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    thanks for the advice so far! :D
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    i think it depends on what you wanna do and where you live. surely with your degree you will have covered alot of the network + because its the basic stuff? so i would spend to much time on it.
    in your degree did you not follow any cisco paths. i.e. the ccna academy? if you have and you have good foundation networking knowledge i would go for the ccna! or if you are looking towards a help desk job then mcp's maybee better in the short term?
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