cat3550/3560 per port traffic limiting.

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I got assigned to configure port traffic limiting on some 3550 and 3560s, and currently i dont have anything to lab with so i'll try asking here.

This could be done with policy-maps, right? I've googled around a bit and it seems to work for ingress and egress on the 3550, but just on the ingress on 3560?

I also found this img: which I guess says that it should work to match acls and police them ingress, but not egress.

Am I going the right way here?


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    You know, that actually got me pretty curious, i looked in my BCMSN book and it didn't say anything about it so i decided to ask some people around and these are replies i got:

    : look for a ciscopress book named "End to End QOS"

    : quickest dirtiest method I use is just tx/rx queues.

    : there are several options, but they all will police/rate limit and not shape, which means packets will get dropped and sessions might suffer

    Hope that helps, good question by the way!!
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