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Is this something that would look good on a resume? I just found out today that i made the deans list for the spring semester, which means that i had a 3.5 or greater GPA and went full time.... should i add this?
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    Sure, I would include this.
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    i made the deans list once too

    for different reasons than most ppl do

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    I was always on Dean's list in college. I tried pretty hard and kept my grades up, so I could get highest honors once I graduated. However...towards the end of my last year, I got some annoying classes that I didn't enjoy and slacked off, ending up with a final GPA that was a mere one or two points below that goal. Really sucked.

    Now I just include my GPA next to my degree on the resume. I bring Dean certificates and stuff with me on job interviews, but most employers don't bother to look at them.

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    If you haven't graduated, then definitely!
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    For now, yes definitely include it. As you progress further and have things to add to your resume (read: experience and certs and a degree), consider taking that off and just including college name, degree, and gpa.
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    Who is on the Dean's List changes each semester as students rise above and fall below the GPA threshold (usually 3.5). If you fall off the list for more than a semester, be sure to remove the mention from your resume. If you graduate on the Dean's List then leave it mentioned along with your final GPA.
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