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Hi all, just starting to study for the Beast and i need to ask a question about the MS Press Book. I have the 2003 study book from about 3 years ago, will this book cover the objectives or is there an updated version i should know about.


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    From what I hear, it's really only the SUS/WSUS material that's been updated for the exam. The book you have should be good for your exam, as long as you have alternate study materials as well. Compare the topics in the table of contents in your book with the outline for 70-291 on the Microsoft website, and make sure that the book covers all the topics closely enough for you to use it to study.

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    I used that 70-291 book and read up on/got hand on WSUS, and scored a 925 on my exam. The book is excellent, so have no fear!
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  • billybob01billybob01 Member Posts: 504
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    I found some of the questions were really from 70-290, including one of the simulations, so know your AD Users & Computers and Group Policy as well.
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