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I have a job interview tomorrow; I had a brief phone interview. Everything was going good. We were just finalizing the last few details for the face to face meeting for tomorrow, when she asked me to bring in 3 references with me. I have never been asked for references before on ANY job interview, I have managers that I know I can use as references, the problem is how do I present this tomorrow? Is there a certain format to display references???
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    Here is what I do...

    I use the same letterhead for my reference as my resume, just title it "References" I then list their name, company, job title, relation to you, and phone number. Make sure you get their permission to use them as a reference.
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    Hey, I just had this happen to me for the first time... and on a contract position, no less.

    When the call came in for a followup interview, so did the request for 3 references. As they already had my resume, I just printed them up on a blank sheet of paper.

    As for prepping the references... not only did I get their "OK" to use them, but I also found a sample script online and read it to them, so they knew what to expect (two of them hadn't been used as references before).

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