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Passed all my Comptia certs! :) Just finished my Security+ the other day and got a 828 on it.

A+ ($75 each) = 1 month each for both tests. Used Exam Cram for a quick review on it and that was it. I've had quite a bit of experience in the past so I didn't put much focus on it. Scored in the 700's

Net+ ($115) = 45 days for the test. It had a Cisco class back in the day so it was mostly refresher information. I Used TestOut, Network+ by Thomson, Tech Notes, and Practice Q's. Scored in the 750's.

Linux+ ($115) = 2 months for the test. I had to play around with the operating system quite a bit. I broke it numerous times and had read forums endlessly on things. I used TestOut, Linux+ by Thomson, And, Tech Notes, Practice Q's. Scored 850.

Security+ ($160) = 2 months to complete. It was tough trying to retain the information because I'll be honest Security is somewhat boring but I found some topics quite interesting. A lot of the programs I knew and different attack methods because back when i was 13 I was a huge script kiddy with some VB lol. I used TestOut, Sybex (great read), Tech Notes, and lots of practice Q's. Scored 828.

I may return to Server+ because I want to learn some server techniques but I want to get my Microsoft certs out of the way first. I figure A+ / Net+ / Security+ should drop a lot of the electives for my MCSA & MCSE and after that I can tackle my CCNA when I have the money to drop down on my own little lab.

Future goals: Complete my MCSE within 6-8 months. Complete my CCNA within 4 months.

Here I come 70-270 (Free exam by the way until June 30th) ;)

Thanks for all the help from these forums!
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    I only though the 072 were the free exams?
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    You have made great progress!
    Good luck with the M$ certs.
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    Very cool. I've been slugging away at the Microsoft and Cisco certs, skipping over Network+. I may still take it, out of principal, since the class for it was the first CIS course I ever took, and it was the first cert I ever really studied for. Big congratulations on having your "first four", and good luck on the 70-270.

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    Very admirable accomplishment. Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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    not bad at all!

    congrats, security+ is next on my plate
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    Congratulations! That's certainly quite the accomplishment for getting the foundational knowledge that will very much help you during the Microsoft certification process. Good luck on 70-270.
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