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Need to uninstall norton corporate edition on a w2k3 server!! any suggestions...Tried everything keeps getting error. and interuptions...

Thanks guys.
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    Do you have a valid support agreement with Symantec? they should be able to give you a tool called NoNAV that will get rid if it.

    If you don't have an agreement, look in their knowledgebase and you should be able to find an article on manually removing it.

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    I can't find it now but you can download software on that will remove Norton/Symantec AV if you cannot uninstall it in Add/Remove programs. Just search Norton's website for it. You should also be able to find info on how to remove it manually which takes a long time to do.
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    There is something called NoNav that will remove all symantec bits from a computer system. I'm not sure who distributes it but you can google for it.

    I would caution you, that I have had uninstallations of corrupted SAV CE blow up on me recently, and it left the registry in an unstable state such that the registry had to be restored from backup, and in a couple of cases the whole server needed to be rebuilt. Just make sure you have a backup.
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    SYMNRT is the tool for removing all Norton 2006/2005/2004/2003 products from your computer.
    msicuu2 is a Microsoft tool that is great for removing stubborn software and drivers that will no go using traditional methods.
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