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Passed today with 858/900.

I was a bit worried to start with, had a lot of marked questions but once I calmed down a bit and thought about them, everything kinda slotted into place.

You've all probably seen this sort of advice before on this forum, but in the hope it helps someone out there,
I used the following guides/material:
- Sybex (best overall guide I used IMO)
- Mike Meyers Passport (OK, useful to carry around but I found it too light on information)
- Learnkey vids (Good, handy to watch prior to homing in on some details)
- The technotes and practice exams on this site (excellent, great for review).
I also did random searches on some of the more difficult material which helped me understand things clearer.

Also, it does state on my report that this is the 2007 edition, though looking at the CompTIA objectives they don't appear to have changed. Whether this is just a name change (the exam number is the same) or not, I don't know, though there were questions on material which I didn't see in any of the guides I used . However if you apply what you learn from studying the current material properly then they shouldn't prove too difficult.

Anyway, really happy now so I'm off for a few beers icon_lol.gif

Following a short break whilst I go on holiday, 70-290 will become the next target.
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    Congrats on a great score!
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    Good score. That's the type of score I'm hoping for :)
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    Nice Job! icon_thumright.gif
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    congrats and thanks for the advice! Im planning on sitting this one in the next 4 weeks
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    Congratulations! :D
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    Congrats on the Pass :)

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    Congrats! :D
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