Failed the beast!!!

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Wow..this one was a shocker. I thought i had it, i think thats what got me i got too cocky and didnt review some things i marked.

Scored 615. I feel good to know that next time i will definetly get it.

Questions were pretty well-rounded...ipsec and performance monitor i think got me.

Questions were also pretty tight,..almost like both answers can be right. If i took in more study time i probably wouldn't have been guessing on those.

I'll try again in a week or so after some additional review.

Hope the idea of history repeating itself doesnt cause me gash out the next time. icon_lol.gif

There is no better than adversity, every defeat, every loss, every heartbreak contains its seed. Its own lesson on how to improve on your performance the next time.


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    The beast is a tough test, I tanked my first attempt as well. Don't let it get you down, though. Take that score-report, put it up next to your monitor on your desk like Rocky Balboa put up the pictures of the opponents he was going to fight, on his mirror. Use those scores, look at your weaknesses, and hit those topics hard. Then, when you've got those things down, do a once-over review of everything and go back and knock the beast out of the park.

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    Keep ya head up, you will slay him next time. As Slowhand said analyze your report to see the areas that require improvement and then go in and rip the beast to shreds.


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    Sorry to hear. Slowhand said it perfectly. Take the score sheets, focus on your weak areas. and hit the material and labs hard. Do that and you'll nail it next time. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions on the forums.
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