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I have been using linux/unix for about 5 years.

I admin FreeBSD systems currently, but I have admined: red hat, fedora, ubuntu, nexenta, and suse.

I have setup installed and maintained linux/unix: firewalls, webservers, backup servers, databases, etc...

Just wondering which if any of the linux certs I should persue...

Thanks ya, this forum rocks!!!
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  • floppydiskfloppydisk Member Member Posts: 60 ■■□□□□□□□□

    if you are that experienced i would go for LPI. CompTIA Linux+ seems to aim at entry level Linux admin and so as other CompTIA certifications. I'm also going for LPI. I've ordered the book and once it arrives i'll begin reading it and hopefully be able to write the exam in a couple of months. I worked on Fedora / Red Hat for a while so my path as i've designed for myself will be LPI ---> RHCE

    good luck!!
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    LPI: Linux Professional Institute, http://www.lpi.org looks nicer for higher status. They have already released Level III. A vendor-neutral LPI is a worthwhile one, I believe. I think you feel Linux easier than BSD. The traditional C shell is a bit tough for me.
  • livenliven Senior Member Member Posts: 918
    Well bash is better on Linux (fedora and redhat) then it is on a default FreeBSD install.

    That being said FreeBSD is a much better OS, however for me a MUCH harder one to admin.

    It is a compiled OS and once you getting it running it is pretty hard to get it to stop. And probably the best thing about FreeBSD is the high level of security it offers.

    But I love Linux. It is so flexable and user friendly its hard not to love it. Plus Ubuntu is really making it hard to want to use anything else as a desk top OS.

    Anyway I digress... I might nock out the Linux+ while I am studying for my CCNA... Maybe maybe not....

    The LPI or what ever it is called looks good, just don't know much about it...

    Is it widely accepted???
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    Since you have a good amount of experience with Unix/Linux I would recommend going straight for RHCE. It is the most well known Linux cert that I know of. Of course that is just my opinion.
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  • livenliven Senior Member Member Posts: 918
    Thats sounds pretty nuts....

    But maybe, I am sure I would have to study my tail off for that one...

    Plus I thought you had to have some pre reqs to get that one... Maybe I dunno.

    Well I will probably just sit linux + first to see how it treats me...

    Its so hard to say... I did a bunch of micro soft certs and A+ back when I was first starting out. Then I sat sec+ the other day... Sec+ was way harder than any of the other exams... However I have way more unix/linux experience so I guess I just need to make a decision,.
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  • TeslTesl Member Member Posts: 87 ■■■□□□□□□□
    If you have that much experience, I don't think either the LPI or L+ will give you much as far as your resume is concerned. But that doesn't mean they might not be worth doing over the course of a month or two anyway to fill any gaps you may have.

    After that the RH path is probably the most recognised, but also the most expensive. At that point you'll have to decide how much your willing to shell out on it, I guess.
  • livenliven Senior Member Member Posts: 918
    Good point.

    I am not overly concerned about price. My current job pays for certs, well they pay for the tests, and we have a MASSIVE online library of technical books/manuals/study material.

    It really just boils down to what I have time for and feel like messing with...

    Knocking out the CCNA right now. Then I will either continue with Cisco (security track)... Or do a few linux certs and then move onto CISSP. I would do the CISSP now but I need just one more year of security work on my resume to get that one.

    Anyway thanks for your input.
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