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First, mega diddos on the site. It is fantastic. I am a recent college grad with an MIS degree. It has not done anything for me to this point and I am looking into my ceritfication possibilities. I have a few questions. Now I have done some research (most of it by pouring through this forum) but still questions remained unanswered.

I. So I see that an A+ and Net+ cert will opt out some of the MSCA tests. Also, the MCSA cert is encompassed within the MCSE. So, is it possible to have the A+ then the Net+ then take the MCSA required tests (minus the two that the previous certs replace) and then take whatever tests are left for the MSCE cert and have it also.

II. Where do I go to take these tests and where should I get the material. I am sure it is all based on my learning ability and my knowledge base thus far, but there are a lot of resources out there and I wnat to know my stuff, not just pass a test!



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    I. Yes, it seems most peopel take that route nowadays.
    II. By a Sylvan Prometric or Pearson Vue test center. You can locate them at or
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    For me:
    A+/N+/70-210, 70-215, 70-218(MCSA)/

    Of course, I've only taken 70-210 for an MCP so far but that is a good track to look into. It's good to see you want knowledge, and not just certs. Stay away from anything that has the following keywords:
    Braindump, pass guaranteed, real exam questions. These are mostly illegal, immorral, and usually the answers given are wrong anyway. I used Mike Myers All-in-One for A+ and Net+. I'm using Sybex and Transcender for MCSA. This site also has some great resources and practice tests to work with.
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    Webmaster wrote:
    I. Yes, it seems most peopel take that route nowadays.
    II. By a Sylvan Prometric or Pearson Vue test center. You can locate them at or


    So it is possible to take that exact route? I see that you did not do that yourself and you have a few Cisco certs. Could you explain why you did not take the route I am suggesting and what the benefits would be for the Cisco certs.
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    At the time I took my first certification exam, CompTIA wasn't so popular yet. Also, I had worked in IT for 4 years already, and 'played' with computers for over 10 years, so I felt I didn't need A+. I started out with CNA (novell, comparable with MCP) after I adminstered a novell network for a couple of years. But since MS was winning the battle for the most popular NOS, I needed some MS certs to get further in my career. The MCSE NT4 exams included an exam called Network Essential, which is basicly Net+ a la MS (I never heard of CompTIA at that time.) Once I became a system admin (mainly because MCSE cert) I wanted to 'touch' routers as well, so I got my CCNA and CCDA. I never really needed certs to get a job because I had plenty experience, and in case I didn't my employers trust I would do a good job anyway.

    At that time most people got their certs after experience and building skills, today you need certs to be even considered for a job interview... icon_wink.gif

    I agree with Rick, be careful in selecting your study material. Over the last 2 years the Internet has been trashed with a lot of **** sites, of which some have a professional and 'clean' layout/design implying they have a professional and clean product... they don't.

    The A+--NET+--MCP--MCSA(--MCSE) is probably the most popular route, and I recommend it to anyone without experience and/or those that just 'switched' to IT, mainly because it provides a solid foundation. But the most important factor in choosing your exams/certs is what you want to do, which job role you want, how you want to spent your day at work... MS certs can lead to support, system admin, system design etc. (mainly involved servers) Cisco certs can lead to a 'real' networking job, implementing, configuring, troubleshooting and designing networks with routers, switches, firewalls etc. The entry level Cisco certs (CCNA and CCDA) are typically only useful when combined with MCSA MCSE or other certs, such as CCNP or CCDP (also both Cisco). CCNA or CCDA alone won't get you a job easily while with MCSA/MCSE you can.

    I hope this helps!
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    You guys have been a ton of help. I appreciate it.

    BTW: Webmaster, did you make your avitar yourself or pick it up somewhere?
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    Created it myself in 3Dstudio max 4.2 : <-- here you can download the 3D model (wireframe).
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