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I just took the security+ exam this morning and passed with an 825. The test is very well rounded and has many trick questions (by that I mean more than one answer seems correct.) My best advice is to study the material thoroughly and take plenty of practice tests. I know a guy that bought a test **** for $80 and advised everyone to do the same. After he took his exam, he found that none of the questions from the test **** were on the actual exam. He still managed to pass though, but he spent $80 on something he thought was going to have him pass with flying colors. A waste of money in my opinion. If you're looking for practice exams, use this site and other free practice test that are online. You can even buy practice tests on ebay for about $5. Don't be fooled by the test **** sites, they do not guarantee a pass. I studied the AIO Security+, Exam Cram book, this notes, and various free online practice tests. For anyone taking the test soon, good luck!
I would just like to add that this site is great and that the folks here on these forums are awesome.

Thanks for the advice and posts left on the security+ forums. I found this site to be a great place as a resource and good advice.


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    Congratulations! You once again confirmed that "**** are for chumps"! - snadam
    From Security+ book by Sybex:
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    matradley wrote:
    Congratulations! You once again confirmed that "**** are for chumps"! - snadam

    DAMN STRAIGHT!!! icon_lol.gif

    congrats on your pass, and for doing it the RIGHT way.
    **** ARE FOR CHUMPS! Don't be a chump! Validate your material with search engine

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    Right on :) Congrats on the pass.

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    Congrats on the pass.
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    Congratulations on the pass!
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