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Just passed with an 860 and I'll take it! Got hit with a 5 part testlet on question 2 about switches and drew a complete blank. I was quickly losing my resolve, but finally came up with the 1 show command I really needed and managed to get part of it right after having spent 20 minutes on the one question! But then I needed to make up some time, so if I knew an answer to a multiple choice question I just grabbed it and hit next.

Whew, am I tired! Thanks for the help!


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    Awesome. Good stuff man. :D
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    nice....congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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    Well done, indeed.

    I got the same switch testlet... it was neat, eh? And challenging.

    Again, great job.
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    Thanks guys! It was very challenging--I know I didn't get all of that testlet correct, 2 parts of it for sure. But somehow I did manage to get past my dumbfoundedness to continue on with the rest of the exam!
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    I remember I spend about 25 minutes on one of the sim and then later on another one came up and I was like **** I better hurry up. Ended up finishing the exam with about 3 minutes left but at least I made up the time with those single and multiple answer questions. Those were the faster ones.

    By the way, congrats and welcome to the Cisco club. :D
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    Congrats, but you shouldn't be giving out specifics like that about the exam.
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    Oops, sorry bout that.

    I did want to mention one "bug" I'm pretty sure I encountered while taking the test. I'll be certain to be extremely general...

    I was typing a relatively long command for one of the sims, and about halfway through the command I mistakenly hit the wrong keys on the keyboard so I backspaced and typed in the correct keystrokes. When I hit enter, the "cli" gave me an error, so I went back and did it again. Unfortunately, I fat fingered it again, backspaced and got the same error. I must have done the same thing about 5 times before I calmed down, and typed the whole thing in really slowly to make sure I typed it correctly all the way through. That time it worked!

    I'm pretty sure a real network device wouldn't have had a problem with backspaces and retyping the command, but the sim sure seemed too!

    I think that was general enough without betraying any actual information? Thanks!
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    I had the same experience and their sim lags also! Was also typing in a really long command, got an arrow pointing to where the error was, everything looks good to me so I couldn't figure it out and just retype the line again very carefully noting every space and letter and it went through. I swear it was the same line I typed....
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    Oh yeah. I KNOW it was the same line I had typed several times already. Just without putting the backspaces in!
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    Congratulations! Please be careful though, you are in serious NDA territory there! :)icon_wink.gif

    Everyone will get a different question mix but you can jeopardize your cert by being too explicit.

    Good luck with the next one!
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