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Hi guys,

pondering purchasing a new notebook from Dell, i'm especially interested in the XPS m1330 model. Has anyone here on techexams any experience with this notebook from dell?

Also, i will be moving around reasonably a lot, so i want to get something that is not too big or too small (Screen Size).

Can you guys give some inputs on the choosing a suitable screen size/weight ?

thx much


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    I have a Lenovo T60p that I formatted and put Vista on. The laptop is just perfect for me: not too big and not too small. It runs Windows XP perfectly but is a bit slower at running Vista. For example, slower loading windows, longer bootup, longer shutdown, etc... Lenovo has recently released a T61, but not sure how well it runs Vista.
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  • elover_jmelover_jm Member Posts: 349
    thx Royal,

    First hearing abt levono brand though.....are they reputable?
  • Silver BulletSilver Bullet Member Posts: 676
    Lenovo is the company that acquired IBM's desktop and laptop line. They seem to be making the same quality product.
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    elover_jm wrote:
    thx Royal,

    First hearing abt levono brand though.....are they reputable?


    I've been selling them along side Dell's for years now and they seem to be gaining. Very nice. Very reliable.
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    I deal with IBM/Lenovo's oin a daily basis and I am impressed. I like the product. The t-60s seem really nice.
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