CISSP class at New Horizons?

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Well this summer I have been busy working on my tan, meals on the grill, beer drinking and golf. CISSP has been on the back burner, but with fall coming up I would like to get back on schedule. Our company has a ton of New Horizon credits and in the past I have elected not to go to MS or Cisco classes because of the boredom. I noticed they offer a CISSP class; is this class worth the effort (considering its free)? I will sit through the boredom if it means my skills will be fine tuned to be prepared for this exam. What do you think?


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    You can't beat the price. If you think you can retain/reinforce the information from a classroom setting, go for it, if you have the time...
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    I'll only say this. Make sure you ask who will be teaching the class.
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    keatron wrote:
    I'll only say this. Make sure you ask who will be teaching the class.

    Ah, I don't think I am going to bother going to the class anyways. I don't really like boot camp style classes, I learn better on my own.
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