Drizzt Passed!

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Hi guys, I sat the core yesterday and passed with a 554 I thought that I would do a bit better but as they say "a Pass is a Pass" ! The passing score was 515 so I only just made it. icon_confused.gif I had quite a few questions on chips and sockets, espesialy the pentium pro / socket 8 (3 times!) Also printers make sure that you know about all types of printers not just the laser printer! As far as the unmarked questions go I had a question about Win XP and it's support of IEEE1394 (firewire!) and a few questions on serial ATA.

Comptia love to stick in questions where two of the answers are correct but they only want the one!! Wish me luck in the OS Tech exam and hopefully the next time I post I'll be A+ qualified !

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