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Is a degree from an online college good or is it like the ugly step sister of traditional college? I'm looking for a good way to gain a quality degree and not kill myself working full time and going to school.


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    Depends on the school I would think. If you prefer the traditional college name but the convenience of online learning there are some traditional public and private universities that now offer degrees via online distance learning.
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    This is down to peoples preception but regardless of what they think ounce for ounce online, trad & self-study degrees are all on par. However one thing you have to watch out for are the degree mills/diploma mills, these are "Universities" or "colleges" that award degrees, diploma's and/or certificates that aren't worth the paper their printed on.

    See here.
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    i've taken online classes at a traditional college and i its nice for the simple classes but i don't think something more advanced would work out well (atleast for me).
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    Anyone got an sugestions on colleges to look into for online degrees? I live in North Carolina if that bears any prevailence. Im guessing most accredited online colleges are good.
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    I think any degree would help you out. Some places require a degree of some sorts even to get an interview. I still feel that experience in IT is better to have than any degree or cert. Good luck!
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    I was poking around the WGU site and suddenly a java chat pops open. Talked to a rep over java for a bit. I just found that pretty neat and thought I would share my experience.
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