Why is Test King considered cheating?

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I'm just asking. No need to flame. Their web site says that their material does not contain actual test questions. So what is the difference between their test questions and the test questions here? I have seen sites that claim to have actual test questions. I'm just curious why so many people hate Test King and consider it cheating.


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    Well, I see the name of the product, which begins with the word test and ends in king, is beiong replaced with the word ****, so it skewers the question.
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    Well it is being blocked for a reason. This establishment is know to use **** and is therefore not looked upon favorably by people who work hard studying for the exams. Weather their questions are real exam questions or not, I wouldn't know. The questions here are made by people, and do not actually reflect actual exam questions. That is the difference.
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    FYI - to determine if a site is a braindump or not, user CertGuard's search feature:

    You simply enter the URL in, and CertGuard does the rest.

    CertGuard also does a terrific job explaining why braindumps are looked down upon.
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    Thanks for the replies. I was just curious. I'm new to all this and appreciate your insight.
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    When a test preparation business' products are in blatant violation of a test vendor's licensing agreement and non-disclosure agreement, the test preparation products are considered cheating. When actual test questions appear in test prep materials--or even the claim that actual test questions are present--this a license violation and therefore cheating. It works this way in any educational setting that uses in-class testing because you are not suppose to know the test questions before taking the test.
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