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I'm relatively new to the arena of tech certifications and I am looking for some advice on which roads I should pursue.

At the moment, I am on a self-study program for A+ and I'm nearing ready to take the Core exam. I've been doing a lot of reading in threads here and finding people with mixed successes that seem to base themselves on the draw of the questions, which is both encouraging that so many pass and discouraging to know that it's quite possible to tank the first or subsequent attempt.

The sole reason I started A+ was looking towards Net+ and further up the tree to an MCSE+CCNA land of holiness. :D

My real question is whether or not I actually "need" A+ in order to be successful in Net+ and above? What other certificiation tracks could I be looking at as someone who is new to being tech certified?

Thank you for your time and patience.


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    A+ itself is not the most impressive certification. However the knoweldge gained by studying and passing A+ will certainly help in the pursuit of Net+, and other certs. If you don't know the basics, you won't go far. It's not a requirement, but I would reccomend it. It can't hurt. As far as a track you should decide what interests you most. You could go with :

    If you do earn A+, and Net+, you can use them as an elective towards MCSA as well.
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    If you have a reasonable amount of experience in PC troubleshooting and repair, you may just want to go to work on MCSA OR MCSE--and that depends on whether you want to work at maintaining systems or designing them. Also consider the security specialization associated with the M$ certs. Security is where the emphasis is heading(if not already there).

    successful in Net+ and above

    I don't really consider Net+ "above" A+. I think that they're on the same basic plane. I consider Server+ the next step above A+--some have called in "advanced hardware" and even "advanced A+". However, A+ and Net+ are your beginnings to a good understanding of all that leads to IT technology certification.

    Lastly, I encourage you not to just study for certs. If you can, set up your own home lab and work with what you're studying.

    I've just recently started studying for MCP cert. Microsoft has a much different approach to cert exams than CompTIA. I've been at it for about a month, and I can't see anything very "Aplusy" about the M$ material at all. So, if you're short on experience, I would suggest that you go ahead with A+ and Net+ and you'll at least know what kind of hardware environment you're trying to shove the OSs into.

    Best of luck on your decision.
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    uhmmmm.... what janmike said icon_wink.gif
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