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Hi all,

What do you think of the MS E-Learning system? Is it worth taking the 2274 or 2275 courses this way? Is it sufficient to pass 290 exam?

Thanks for your replies.


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    I haven't taken those courses, but from the e-learning courses I have taken, they do not go deep enough into the material to be used as the only source.

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    I agree with your assessment, but I would say the same for pretty much any exam study material. If you do the elearning make sure you do all the labs too.
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    SlowhandSlowhand Mod Posts: 5,161 Mod
    I like the Microsoft e-Learning courses, I've taken a few on things I've needed to know for work. I'd say that you'd do well with the e-learning course(s) for 70-290, so long as you pick up a book to supplement it, (such as the ones from Sybex or MS Press). Without a book or another study-source, it'll be very difficult to pass the exam without having several years' worth of professional, and probably pretty advanced, hands-on experience.

    I don't, however, think that the e-Learning courses Microsoft offers are as good as TestOut or CBT Nuggets, but I do think it's a more affordable alternative that will teach you a lot. Naturally, you'll still need at least some actual hands-on experience before you take the test, but that goes for any cert-exam.

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    wpiersallwpiersall Member Posts: 68 ■■□□□□□□□□
    In no way would I recommend TestOut as a training solution. While using it for the 291 I found mistakes in the material contacted them it took over 3 days to get a reply. Then after taking the exam found that there was content missing for the 291.
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