Cant ping switch, but it's forwarding frames!


I have a DELL powerconnects 3048, which is forwarding frame properly, but I cant ping it.My career depends on it just kidding, it's real annoying to see that switch as the only red icon on SNMP. PLease help!!


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    hmm... replace it icon_lol.gif
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    Can you explain what you have done so far to try to resolve the issue? I see that you have your Network+ and CCNA, a failed ping test SHOULD be pretty simple for you to resolve.

    I'm guessing you haven't even thought about it much, considering your main concern was whether switching was still happening. Anyway, describe a little bit more about what the situation is.

    You're not a newb now are you? The solution doesn't need to be spoon fed to you anymore...

    Think about why ping is failing, where is it failing? What's in the path of connectivity between your switch and your workstation? What kind of functions do these devices in the path perform? How will these functions affect a ping that was issued?
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  • cdad2000cdad2000 Member Posts: 323
    Yea, I'm just going 2 replace it.Thanks
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    default gateway? routing issues? ACLs back to your management workstation? etc.

    But yeah -- number one problem -- it's not a Cisco switch. icon_lol.gif

    You're going to replace it with a Cisco switch, right? :D
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  • cdad2000cdad2000 Member Posts: 323
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