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I just passed CompTIA Network +, and I am gathering information on my next certification. I was hoping someone could give me some basic information on the difference between CCENT/CCNA. If I interpet Cisco info currently, it seems that CCENT is a first step to CCNA? Any feedback to aid my decision process is appreciated! :P


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    Well the new composite exam is 640-802 and passing this test will earn you the CCNA.

    Now the old INTRO and ICND two part track is changing to ICNDv1 and ICNDv2.

    Passing ICNDv1 will earn you the CCENT.

    Passing both tests, of course, will equate to being CCNA certified.
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    So both of those certification tracks are still available? I can't decide if I'm better off doing this in 2 steps, or just go for it, and do CCNA. I hear Cisco is the most difficult cert, but they are more straightforward than Comptia.
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    If you have your N+, I'd suggest going right to the composite 802 exam. You'll find the ICND1 to be a repeat of many of the basics you've just studied and learned.

    This, in my opinion, will make the ICND1 a cake walk, and also a huge waste of time.

    Grab either the ICND2 book, or a composite study guide, and get 'er done all at once.
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    That's great feedback. Should I test on the first, and then take a class for 2? Then I'll get the CCNA cert, right? icon_confused.gif:
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