Passed thanks to pizza

penniwelpenniwel Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
Took the OS exam this a.m. and after heart palpitations, taking that dumb survey, it finally popped up on the screen " passed". Geeez. Sure not in the mood to take the survey when you are sweatin bullets waiting on the results.

Anyway...thanks to the "please do not throw sausage pizza away" ditty to remember the OSI. I love it, memorized it, and of course there was aboslutely nothing on my exam about it. :D score was low (597)but what the hey....I'm now A+ Certified, ready to get going on Networks+. I think I just enjoy the total adrenaline rush from the exams. - penn

ps: These boards are super and extremely helpful & supportive. Thanks.


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