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I am currently studying for my MCSE while working, i have access to both of these training materials, i was just after some feedback from people who have used these forms of training materials in the past there thoughts.

I find the testout to be better structured + exam questions at the end of each module and some simulations. I am just not sure they have enough information in the Testout to confidently sit for the exams.

Any feedback would be appreciated.



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    Some of the TestOut series are very good and some are horrible. The CBT Nuggets instructor, James Conrad, who does the MCSE 2003 series is awesome and does a very good job throughout the entire series. Of course everyone will have varying opinions, but that is my own opinion and i'm sticking to it!
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    which testout courses would you say are not so good?
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    Well I only did a couple of the TestOuts. I can't remember if it was 291 or 293 I did, but I know I did the 70-294 series and it was pretty bad.
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    thanks will keep that in mind when i am upto that course

    As for using the Nuggets has anyone got a good strategy with them as in watch the video's and do practise exams throughout or just finish the whole course, i just find the testout lets you test yourself at the end of each module on what you just covered.
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    I like to watch the nuggets by objective, then test on that objective, and move to the next objective, with final reviews and then take final practice test with a different set, like maybe transcenders and self test during initial study, with measureup for final practice.......
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    I used the 291 and BOMBED the exam... and it was after that I found that the 291 was missing content!!!
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    i'm in the fortunate position of having access to both the cbt & testout cds (via work). personally i prefered testout (for exam purposes) as the subjects are covered in just enough detail. i also found the testout cds were structured better and included practice questions and simulations too. the cbt cds are also very good however they cover the subjects in a lot more detail and therefore you feel as though you have more to learn. both products are broken down into sections and cover all main areas of the exam. the testout videos are usually 10-15 minute per sections where as cbt are 20-40 minutes long per section. therefore if you have a limited attention span (or a small brain :D ) like me then this makes testout easier to work with. personally i went through the testout material, then the cbt and then studied my weak areas using the testout cds again. i also used the syngress books too.

    i'm not sure what the price is for either product, however if someone was to tell me both cbt and testout where both the same price, i would probably recommend cbt over testout as the subjects are covered thoroughly and therefore you get more value for your money. also if i only had access to one or the other, again i would choose cbt as i wouldnt feel completely prepared sitting the exam having only used the testout cds.

    one final point, i agree with the earlier post, one of the testout cds (70-293) only touch on certian areas and would not have been enough to get me through the exam. however this is not true for 70-290, 291 & 284... hope this helps.
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    preecy, please clarify what you suggest...

    Your first paragraph exclusively praises TestOut, but you finish your opinion in the 2nd paragraph by recommending CBTNuggets?? So, which one do you prefer???
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    I just watched both back to back. I must say, Testout was by far better! Simulators, questions vidoes and much greater detail. CBT was good, I learned a few things. But testout was better.
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    BeaverC32 wrote:
    preecy, please clarify what you suggest...

    Your first paragraph exclusively praises TestOut, but you finish your opinion in the 2nd paragraph by recommending CBTNuggets?? So, which one do you prefer???

    sorry, i have just re-read my earlier post and it wasnt well writen.

    the testout material is well structured, offering simulations, exam questions, fact sheets and video clips which get straight to the point.

    the cbt material only consists of video clips which are a lot longer than the testout ones. after watching the cbt videos i was left feeling i had a lot to remember as each video clip is twice the lenght and cover in more detail than the testout ones. the benefit is; as each area is covered in more depth you feel more prepared for the exam once it has finally sunk in.

    although i prefer the testout cds i would still go for the cbt cds if i could only choose one to study from.

    if you go for the testout cds i would suggest a book and practice exams to go with it.

    if you go for the cbt cds i would suggest setting up a home lab and again some practice exam questions would be helpful too.
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  • SlowhandSlowhand MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure / Core Infrastructure, MCSA: Windows Server 2003/2012/2016 Bay Area, CaliforniaMod Posts: 5,161 Mod
    I've used both CBT Nuggets and TestOut for various exams I've taken. I can recommend both, as I've liked most of the instructors for TestOut as well as James Conrad over at CBT Nuggets. What I tend to do, if I have both sets of courses, is start with the CBT Nuggets. I use them as an introduction to the topics, watching them straight-through. After that, I begin reading whatever book or articles I've picked up, as well as begin my way through the structure of the TestOut course. After going through both of those, I pick up the CBT Nuggets again, reviewing what I need to brush up on, as well as giving myself a nice overview of all the topics again. After that, I'm either ready for the exam, or I figure out where my weaknesses are with some practice exams, and go back over my training material where I'm not 100%.

    Hope that helps, let us know how things work out for you and what you decide to do. And, of course, let us know how your exams go.

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