CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Official Exam Certification Guide, 2nd Ed.

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I preordered this book at the Cisco Press website and it said it was coming out Aug. 30, 2007. I got an e-mail last night saying my order was cancelled.

I then ordered through Amazon and it gave an expected ship date of Nov. 5-9. LOL!

What am I missing? Anyone smarter than I know anything about Cisco Press books and ship dates?
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  • petedudepetedude Posts: 1,510Member
    . . . missed release dates happen all the time in the real world. Ever hear of a company called Microsoft? :)

    They may also want to wait to release the new material until the 801 deadline has passed. Not entirely fair, but that might be the logic.
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    I got the CCENT book from cisco press, but the practice exams covers the whole CCNA. Though the book is good for beginners.
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    Cisco Press will only "backorder" for 30 days or so. If you order early and then the shipping date slips -- it seems they just automatically cancel rather than keeping the orders open forever or trying to track down people to see if they still want the book.
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    I am new here but I just bought the ccent/ccna icnd1 and ccna icnd2 certification library (second edition) from Barnes and Noble. I suggest if there is a Barnes and Noble in your area check because they have exclusive editions and also seem to be full in stock at mine.
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