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Hi everybody. I'm still a student and I want to get started on passing some of the cetificates, to easier find a job after I finish my university.

What I'm interested in: internet, security, linux

Now, I would like to know what exams should I take in order to be any closer to my interesations.

I don't have any certificate yet.

Can you please advise me where to start: I was thinking about this:


is anything else related to security? I would like to thank you in advance. Thanks


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    Do you have any idea as to how hard/advanced the CCIE is? It has been said that it is THE hardest cert in the IT industry. People with 4-5 years of experience fail it. Takes a $300 written exam to be eligible to attempt for the cert. If you pass then you go for a $1250 8 hour lab exam. Check out Wikipedia for more info.

    What is your level of knowledge? I am in high school and I have started to learn networking. I got some training videos and they are going to teach me through. I am doing a NEtwork+ right now.

    My suggestion is to first identify FOR SURE what your interest is. You said security and Internet. Well you should dientify for sure as to what you want to do, not just a general idea as to what you like. For example you would want to go into Programming or Networking etc so you can follow a standard path of education similar to most people in the same field.

    If you can seem to be able to do this then there should be no problem. What you can do is learn for the Comptia certs. They are low end, cheap and shouldnt take too much time. So you can do each one of them and then follow which ever one you found most interesting.

    For now I would recommend you to go for Comptia's Security+ cert. If you seem to like it then you can continue on otherwise you can try another cert like Network+.

    I am not in the security field but as far as I know, security is a very deep and challenging field and you should no how to write programs and have a deep understanding of OSes.
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    Well I have a deep understanding of linux. I've recently read

    Well, I don't know exactly what I want to do yet (but certanly not programming, even network programming)

    I know how to program in c,c++,java, but that's not what I want to do...

    Are there any sites where I can read more about options in internet&security jobs available.
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    Looks good to me :)

    I think it would be good for you to go into Security. Start off by reading some Security+ books and if you want attempt their exam and if you pass, the cert you get will be forever I think.

    For jobs I really dont know. A new field that is coming up is Computer Forensics but logically the demand should be less. Basically when a computer's security gets compromised and some crime takes place, digital detectives are called to find traces and stuff. Hi tech stuff.

    The salaries are pretty goos. Around $80,000 in the beginning (not immediately I guess) and around $160,000 when you advance and you are called a Director.

    The demand for digital detectives should be logically less than Security experts because Security experts work all the time to secure networks and succeed a lot. But digital detectives are only used when a crime DOES take place.

    This field should be considered later on. Even if you decide to go into it, you should first work as a Security expert and learn and then later on switch which shouldnt bee too hard.
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    Security isn't really an entry level field. Most people start somewhere and then work into the security aspect of that field. You have to have a good understanding of the systems and how they operate before you can properly secure them. Security does pay very well, but that is because it is usually highly experienced people filling these positions. The odds of you coming out of school (no matter what certification you have) and getting a job working in security are pretty low.
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