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I passed Core this morning with a whopping 855! Want to say thanks to everyone who contributed to technotes on this site as they were supremely instrumental in my success. icon_thumright.gif

If you're going to take this exam and need a last-minute cram, review the networking technote from this site.

Without violating the NDA or just being a general bad guy, here are some of the things that surprised me about the exam today:
    I needed to know # of pins in a cpu socket which I was able to narrow down and guess right. More to do about printers than I thought, and not limited to laser, inkjet and dot matrix. Read up on thermal, dye sublimination and wax too. Absolutely nothing about modems. Was probably my draw. A lot, lot, lot about CPUs that are Celeron/PII and newer including AMD XP+ series. A good number of questions about connectors. Seemed to be focused on client-side and basic network troubleshooting Know address ranges for TCP/IP. some SCSI but not a lot. a touch on memory addresses.

Also I was quite furious that one of the questions on address/IRQ default values was quite simple and yet the correct answer was not one of the choices. I'm going to take it up with CompTIA.

But I passed. :D On to OS probably near the end of next week!

Thanks again to all.


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    Very good score, congrats.
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    Good luck with OS!!!
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    Congratulations on passing, that was an excellent score. Thanks for pointing out the kind of material you encountered, that will make it easier for others to target their studies.
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    Excellent!! Congratulations.

    Best of luck for the next one.
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    Doesn't it feel good to pass! Good luck on your next exam!

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    A hearty congrats icon_thumright.gif
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    If you don't mind me asking icon_redface.gif , How long did you study for? what books? Transcenders?? Do you have previous PC repair experience? I'm studying for that exam myself, I'm using the MS Press book "Faster, Smarter A+ Certification", not sure how good of a book it is icon_rolleyes.gif for the exam but it seems informative to me.

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    I studied hardcore for about 10 days out of the Thomson paperback "A+ in depth" and I was really not fond of that book because I feel like it wasn't delivering the information in a concise matter. I've skimmed the Mike Myers "A+ Passport" and it seems to do just as good in 1/10th the pages.

    Honestly, I good notes for in-the-parking-lot-before-the-exam from the Technotes on this site. I sincerely wish the OS ones were as plentiful but I do like the ones that are there.

    I've always been a computer junkie ever since my first Commodore 64. But actual experience with tinkering in modern times (AT and ATX times, I mean) I'd say I've been doing off and on for the past 4 or 5 years.
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    Congrats! for A+Hardware seems to easy but I did twice and A+OS it took me nearly 4weeks to study by myself with Sybex books and i passed the A+OS on the first shoot icon_twisted.gif
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