Did I speak too soon?

I just passed my 70-219 exam yesterday. My thinking is that I should be an MCSE now... I've looked at the requirements page several times, but on my MCP Transcript page it does not show that I am an MCSE... It shows I passed the 219 but not that I am an MCSE... When I go to Welcome Kit it states I am not eligible for a new certification at this time...

So, am I just be paranoid or am I really missing something?

I have on my transcript:




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    I'm probably not correct, but it looks like you may be missing one exam.

    Core exams: networking system (three exams required)

    (you have these)

    Core exams: client operating system (one exam required)

    (you have 270)

    ore exams: design (one exam required)


    (you have 219)

    elective exams (two exams required)
    098;214;218;219;220;221;222;223;224;225;226;227;228 etc

    (other then 219...I don't see you having one of these listed. I'm not sure 219 can qualify for 2 of the requirements, so you may need to add 1 more exam).

    OK...duh I see the SEC+ is listed to be acceptable as an alternative.

    Have you contacted MS?
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    Login to the MCP site. They will tell you what you have and what you need. Too easy.
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  • Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    OK! I spoke too soon! Sorry! I just went in to check to see where to find what I was missing and now it is showing up! All is good again! :)
  • matradleymatradley Member Posts: 549
    OK! I spoke too soon! Sorry! I just went in to check to see where to find what I was missing and now it is showing up! All is good again! :)
    Awesome! Congratulations! Are you going to do the upgrade path to 2003?
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  • Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    Yes, I will be doing the upgrade exams..... But, I can't really start on it until after October 20th.... October 20th is my wedding day and I promised my Fiance that I would take a break from Certifications until after the wedding.

    But.... I've had a lot of slow days at work in the past couple weeks. I'm going to see if Work will buy the Microsoft Press 292/296 book for me to use. I've had my work buy books books in the past, with the argument that they make a good resource for troubleshooting ect.... And since we just moved from a 2000 domain to a 2003 domain it seems fitting.

    The only problem I have with work buying the books is that they are the property of my work... I can take them home and study them ect... But I can't keep them.

    Anyway, If work buys the book, and I keep it at my office, then during slow days I can read up. I don't think that would be breaking my promise... What do you guys think?
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    LoL Just tell her that you will be studying for the certs at work if you feel like you are still lying. lol
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