Newbie! Some questions.

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Hello All, I am somewhat "new" to this forum. I have been registered since 2004, but haven't posted anything.

I have a few questions about certifications, suggestions are welcomed as i would like to be somewhat pointed in the right direction.

I have an A.S. In Computer information technology. I am currently studying Network Security at Penn State University, and I am the lead computer technician for a computer company. I also have my A+, and as of today, I am MCP Certified in windows XP (70-271). They are also going to be paying for my 70-260 for vista and god knows what else.

I have all the skills needed for network plus, and security plus but no cash to take the test. I checked online they are like 230.00 or so, and thats a bit steep right now. But anyways, here is wha t I would like to get in the next few months

Network +
Security +
MS 70-260
MS 70-272 *So i can have MCDST*

What else should I be looking for. How do these courses tie into an MCSE/MCSA? What courses do you all reccomend i take. I took classes on 2003 server when I got my associates degree, and most of it is still fresh (AD/EXCHANGE/DNS/DHCP/Etc.)

Also, i see that A+ has changed, can someone give me a quick line on what has changed? And how can i get those comptia tests cheaper..they are SO Expensive!

Thanks all!


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    CompTIA IS THE DEVIL!!!!!! They over charge for entry level certs.....

    If you would like to get the MCSA\MCSE check out this topic which will give you the links to all info you need!

    No one can tell you what courses you should take. What do you want to do? Pick a goal and work towards it. Make sure you have a plan, I have seen quit a few people start going for their MCSE before they even know what it entails just because it was on a bunch of job ads. Then two or three exams in they realize they want to work with Cisco technologies instead and drop everything for the CCNA. Thats not all bad because there is nothing wrong with being well rounded in your knowledge, but it might be a waste of time working towards a certification in a field you don't like or don't plan on working with. Find what you like and go after it!
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    Hi Jeffs:

    As far as the cost of the exams, you can save a little by purchasing a voucher from a place like:{2AB3DCE5-7100-4D1A-BB2E-2A4EDE79BE98}&gclid=CJXJ1My4z44CFQdbHgodpU8j8Q

    Sometimes they only save you $10-20, sometimes (if they are about to expire) you can save $50 or more, but make sure you schedule your exam before they expire or you're out the money. If you google for "exam vouchers" you'll have lots of places to check. The way you use a voucher is by scheduling your exam as usual, but instead of entering a credit card number, you select the option to pay by using a coupon or voucher. Then you simply enter the voucher code you were given when you purchased the voucher.

    Regarding 70-271, I am not 100% sure that makes you an MCP, but getting your 70-272 will make you an MCDST and can be used as one of the electives towards MCSA.

    Good luck, and feel free to post any follow up questions or comments you might have.
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    Go Penn State! I played football with Al Zemaitis in High School, who later went on to play for the Tampa Bay Bucs (but was dropped after only a year icon_sad.gif )

    What type of job are you looking for after you graduate?
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