I am studying for the CCNA, and hope to progress to CCNP, but when will i begin to learn about configuring VPNs? What is good reading material for VPNs?

Thank you.


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    You will not learn how to configure VPNs if you are only studying the objectives for the CCNA. If you only follow the exam objectives you probably have a while until you get into VPNs. If it interests you check out Ciscopress for a VPN book and read away.
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    Of all the material I have seen.....

    I think the best materials for learning about VPN's can be downloaded from the Juniper website, and better still they are completely free and in PDF format.
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    Cisco VPN studies are covered in the CCSP. If you just want the knowledge for it's own sake the "Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide" is superb, it has a detailed primer on VPN tech in general and then how to configure it on each major Cisco platform. Very easy to read aswell.
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    Thank you...Will check out the material all of you have stated.

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